Born in Coupeville, WA, Bonnie Patterson is a Whidbey Island native.  Her son Darian is a Sophomore at Oak Harbor High School and is very active in sports.  He is on the Oak Harbor High School Football, Basketball, and Track team.  Her daughter Amaya, is a 5 year old Kindergartner, and loves to learn.  Bonnie is a single mother who works full time to provide for her children.  She loves living in Oak Harbor and loves the wonderful people in this community.  She is extremely grateful for Habitat for Humanity and is very excited to build a better life for her and her children.  “It is going to be hard work with a lot of sweat involved, but that is what is so wonderful about this opportunity.  I have always worked hard for everything I have and I am just so thankful!”



Dedicated October 2015

Crouch build


Groundbreaking February 2014

Dedication June 2014

Bruce & Liz Crouch

Bruce Crouch was born in Downey, California.  Liz was born in Saginaw, Michigan, lived in Latin America for 7 years, then moved to California.  Bruce and Liz met through a mutual friend at a church youth group and they married at age 20.  They had five children, three daughters and two sons.  In 1993, they moved their family  to South Whidbey, where Bruce's cousin lived and offered him a job in flooring.  After 16 years in the flooring business, Bruce lost his job because of the economic downturn and had to sell their family home in Freeland.  Soon after, Bruce  became disabled and had a bone marrow transplant, so qualifying for a large loan to build a house was no longer possible.  Their son's neighbor, a Habitat for Humanity Volunteer, suggested that they apply for a Habitat house. Bruce and Liz went through the process and qualified for a Habitat home.  They feel so grateful and blessed for this amazing gift!

Today, the Crouch family has grown from 7 to 14, with their fourth grandchild due in July.  They plan on enjoying their future with their growing family, especially since two grandkids live right down the street from their new home!

Angelica Buttler

Angelica Buttler was born and raised in Guadalajara, Mexico, where she lived with her parents through college. Upon graduation in 1999, she moved to San Diego as part of her goal of becoming bilingual. She married in 2001 and moved to Oak Harbor. In 2004 he son Jerry Buttler Jr. was born and Oak Harbor became home ever since. Angelica has worked for the Navy Exchange for the last 8 years.

Angelica and Jerry are very grateful to HFHIC for the wonderful opportunity of becoming homeowners. She was selected into the program just before the holidays and we are excited to welcome her into our Habitat Family!




Oak Harbor store

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hidemi dettman

oak harbor

Hidemi Dettman and her children, Shaun and Sarah, moved to Oak Harbor from Japan, where she was born and raised. They came shortly after the 2011 earthquake in hopes of restarting her life after separating from her husband. Coming from devastation, they brought very little with them, and faced much hardship as they tried to find a way to survive. Hidemi struggles to find work due to her language barrier and lack of high school education, while Shaun is trying to find resources to begin his college life. Fortunately, they met many generous and welcoming people who helped them find the resources necessary to continue living on Whidbey, to include Habitat.  Hidemi and her children currently volunteer at Spin Café, cooking meals twice a week for others in need in order to repay the community which helped her get back on her feet.



Dedicated December 2015

Jennifer Hartt came to Whidbey Island after marrying Daniel Hartt in 1983.  She and her two children, Miles and Erin, have called Oak Harbor "home" ever since.  Unfortunately, Dan passed away in 2010, leaving Jennifer to raise their two children by herself.  Shortly after Dan's passing, their family pet, Trooper was adopted.  Jennifer has worked for the Navy Exchange for the past 30 years, and Miles and Erin are currently enrolled in college.  Their service to this community has been with the international student exchange program World Heritage, the Boys and Girls Club, local youth programs, and Children Church ministries at Life Church. Jennifer is currently enrolled to become a certified foster parent.  They are very excited to partner with Habitat for Humanity of Island County and to be given the opportunity to become successful homeowners.

Melissa Brown was born and raised in British Columbia, Canada. After graduating with her Bachelor’s Degree in Child and Youth Care, Melissa married and had a son, Donnavin Jr. They moved to the USA and shortly after, her daughter Meliyah was born. After living in Virginia for a short while, they moved to Oak Harbor. Melissa worked in Foster Care services for almost three years before starting with The Opportunity Council. Melissa enjoys serving her community and helping those in need and is truly grateful for being selected as a partner family. The entire family loves living in Oak Harbor and are looking forward to being a part of the community! Her house kicked off this June and framing is well underway. Her future three bedroom home is located in the Crosby Commons neighborhood in Oak Harbor. In a first-ever home partnership, IDEX Health & Science have committed to help build her home here.

Buttler build

Oak harbor

Dedicated May 2015


Tina Graham is a single mom who moved to Oak Harbor in 2009 because she has lots of family support here. She really loves Oak Harbor for its security and their opportunity to plant their roots here. Previously, her and her family spent most of their years in Alaska. Tina has four children: Matthew, 5, Josh, 6, and Tosh, 19, who currently live with her, and Michelle, 26 who is married and had her first child in October 2014. Tina has a successful career providing residential care for adults in the community and is active with her church. Her children are happy and healthy and we look forward to her new life in her beautiful home. 

Tina's home was the site of our annual Women Build in May 2014. Her home was dedicated in late January 2015. She has been enjoying starting this new chapter of her life and is looking forward to having Joel, another Habitat homeowner, next door!

completed homes

The home is finished and dedicated, but for our families, their journey is just beginning. They have moved in and now begin their next chapter of life in a safe and affordable home. Check out the journey of our partner families.

talicuran build

Oak harbor

Dedicated May 2015

Women Build Sponsors

Graham build

Oak harbor

May 2014

freeland store



Cassy Cooley was born and raised in Oak Harbor, Washington. She grew up with two older brothers and a younger sister. She spent most of her adolescence involved in the youth football cheer program. She then went on to cheer and compete with the Oak Harbor High School cheer team. After graduation she went to college in Nampa, Idaho. After a year and half in Nampa she decided that Idaho was not for her and moved back home. Although her family has moved off Whidbey Island, she chose to stay. Cassy loves Oak Harbor and the sound of jet noise.  She has spent the last 10 years working for Diamond Rentals. Cassy would like to thank Habitat for making it possible to finally own her own home.