every child

deserves a safe place to grow up

The application period is now open for our new home build at Holmes Harbor in Freeland!    Please fill out the interest form on our website before requesting an application.

Everyone deserves a decent, affordable place to call home

A safe and affordable home is the foundation of a better life, a healthy family, and a strong community. Habitat for Humanity of Island County provides a hand-up, not a hand-out, to families struggling to attain safe, stable, and affordable housing. At the end of the process, Habitat homeowners not only gain a home, they gain the strength, stability, and self-reliance that homeownership provides.

Eligibility Requirements

Every Habitat homeowner meets the same, basic requirements: residency, need, financial ability, and willingness to help build your home.


Applicants must live or work in Island County, be a permanent, legal resident of the United States, and use the home they purchase as their primary residence. Applicants must also live in Island County for at least 1 year before they apply.


Potential homeowner must show that they have a current need for improved housing. This need can be demonstrated by a lack of space/overcrowded housing, current rent that is more than 50% of the family’s monthly income, unsafe living conditions, a dangerous environment, lack of or problems with major utilities, general structural problems, or other conditions that make your current home inadequate.

Ability to Pay a Mortgage

Habitat for Humanity provides home buyers with affordable mortgages that do not exceed 30% of the family’s monthly income. Applicants must have a steady source of income and demonstrate financial responsibility — generally determined by credit history.

Potential homebuyers should be earning between thirty and eighty percent of Island County’s Average Median Income (AMI) based on family size.

Willingness to Partner

All future homeowners complete 250 hours of “sweat equity” per adult who will be on the loan documents as part of the down-payment on their home. These hours may be a combination time spent helping build your home, helping on another homebuyer’s home, working in the Habitat Store, or volunteering in our administrative office.

How to become a Habitat Homeowner

You’ve already taken the first step towards becoming a Habitat homebuyer, just by visiting this website. Official applications are only accepted during open application periods when a home is ready to be built or purchased. If you believe you meet the basic eligibility requirements, we ask you to take the following steps::

  1. Complete the Interest Form online or print and submit to the Family Services Manager.
  2. You will be added to our interest list and will be among the first to receive an application packet and notified when an open application period begins.
  3. During an open application period, submit a completed application and all required supporting documentation to the Family Services Manager.
  4. HFHIC will evaluate all applications for eligibility for the home buyer program. Qualified applicants will be presented to the board of directors for approval to the program.