Classic Sailing Vessels (4)

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Classic sailing vessels refer to historic or traditional sail-powered ships that have played significant roles in maritime history or are emblematic of a particular era or style of sailing. These vessels are often admired for their beauty, craftsmanship, and the romanticism associated with the age of sail.

Four (4) pictures of Ships on Wood backing. Each is in nice condition other than some indentations as can be seen in photos. Each Measures 17.5in by 13.75in.

Pic#1 American Whaler Hunting Sperm Whales * Middle of Nineteenth Century

Pic#2 Algerian Xebec * Pirate and Man-O-War of the Eighteenth Century

Pic#3 Swedish Barque Fortuna, 300 Tons D.W. * Built in 1792

Pic#4 Swedish Brigantine Bull * Built in 1841

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