The Four Seasons On Silk

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Silk screen prints featuring themes of all four seasons with birds, made in Japan, embody a beautiful blend of traditional Japanese art and the time-honored technique of silk screening (or screen printing). This art form captures the ethereal beauty of Japanese landscapes and wildlife across the changing seasons, with birds often playing a central role in depicting the passage of time and the natural cycle of life.

In Japanese culture, each season has its own set of symbols and motifs that convey not just the external changes in nature but also deeper philosophical ideas. Birds, with their seasonal migrations and distinct behaviors, serve as perfect subjects to highlight these transitions.

These frames are from Fukazen & Co. that's been around since 1738 and made in Saitama, Japan.

Other than minor scratches on frames as seen in photos they are in great shape.

Each frame measures 25in long, 11.25in wide and they are 2in thick.

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